For Educators

Working from screening and program data and documented best practices we articulate for administrators, teachers and parents the why and the how for structured literacy teacher training and a whole child interventions approach. We advise and support school and district leadership, providing them with neuroscience and reading science research, screening tools, access to technology resources, parent education modules and if needed, coaching and technical assistance.


For Policy Makers

BB•8 will partner with Sacramento County Office of Education to pilot a science-based, scalable literacy teacher training program to support implementation of the CA Dyslexia Initiative. The goal of the pilot program is to model and implement in-class intervention approaches known in the field of reading science to be effective for students who struggle with the mechanics of reading and writing. Informed by neuroscience, trauma informed care, and assessment data, delivery of instruction will be further refined. Pilot outcomes, procedures and practices will be documented creating a blueprint for scaling from one to all school districts across the State. District program readiness evaluation tool – Using a software tool and interviews, BB•8 guides districts through the process of evaluating their readiness to launch and sustain literacy and/or whole child wellness initiatives.