Support State officials by providing research and analysis to inform policy decisions and law.  We advocate at the State for the needs of students, parents and educators.


Consulting x Thought Leadership

We provide school district leaders and early childhood agencies with research, project diagnostics, in-kind donations and other resources to assist them with their literacy initiatives.


Data Solutions

We assess school districts and early child education service needs and provide them with insight and knowledge of data analysis and data solutions that can help them expand their capacity to be effective agencies. 



The needs of school districts and early childhood care agencies vary from county to county. We assess the needs of the district and bring the science, the consulting, the data, expertise and partners to address specific district needs.



Recognizing that school district funds are largely categorical and highly restrictive, Breaking Barriers By Eight works to secure financial resources to sustain funding for capacity building and sustaining district initiative even after categorical funds expire. 



Build Collective Impact

We work to create collective impact among educators, business leaders, community organizations and policymakers both in Califonia and nationally.  We believe those in leadership positions will be emboldened if there is shared understanding about the solution and the collective will and resource to enact the solutions.