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Dedicated to achieving 100% literacy by 2035 for all California students 4 to 8 years old.

Mission x Vision

Our mission is audacious and bold:  100% literacy for all California students, 4 to 8 years old, by 2035.


 We envision an equitable education for all children. We unite and catalyze California private and public stakeholders to direct resources to schools to achieve 100% literacy for all of California’s children before they reach the age of 8. 

Informed by research in neuroscience and reading science, as well as by expertise in data analysis and software development, Breaking Barriers By Eight (BB•8) advises State policy makers and provides support for early screening, teacher training and integrated whole child-based approaches for all California schools and counties.

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Advocacy x Policy


It’s time to defeat California’s literacy issues not only with educational solutions but also with aligned interventions including social-emotional and mental health approaches across child-serving agencies that together support the whole child in achieving positive life outcomes for themselves, and positive economic and social impact for California.

Elementary school kids and teacher sit c
Equity x Literacy


We have an equity problem in California that impacts 65% of students who do not read at proficient levels by the end of 3rd grade. The 65% are overwhelmingly low-income students of color who are dyslexic and/or are entering the school system in a state of trauma. 

African American Father Helping Son Stud
Research x Data


A 2020 study completed by the Boston Consulting Group found that the cost to the State of not addressing dyslexia is $12B annually and $1T over the lifetime of today’s elementary school children.  

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